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The Legend, Mpouhalakis and Diamantakos reach the top! - Κεντρική Εικόνα

The Legend, Mpouhalakis and Diamantakos reach the top!

No doubt, the Legend left his mark in this year’s edition of International Champions Cup! Our spell in this great football tournament may have ended 10 days ago and the trophy went to Manchester United, however it was our side one that made a buzz and had even more people talking about them across the world!

Our players travelled to the US and Canada delivering a great performance, goals and a ..legendary display, earing thus respect by all other –and not limited to- top outfits participating in the contest.

Our side became even more popular and this is evident in the results of the voting carried out via ICC’ Facebook page. Organizers asked fans to cast their vote for the tournament’s bests and the Legend triumphed in two categories!

In particular, fans voted for Andreas Mpouhalakis’ exquisite finish against Milan A.C. as the tournament’s favorite play. That has been a goal that caused great commotion, since it was the icing on Olympiacos’ cake of a triumphant 3-0 over Milan; moreover, it has been included in the tournament’s top plays by FOX Sports.

Click HERE to watch again highlights for that match, including our player’s fantastic goal!

At the same time, Olympiacos excelled in another category, since Dimitris Diamantakos has been voted by the fans as the tournament’s MVP! Our young striker scored 3 goals during this…legendary trip of ours, namely our side’s second against Milan and both goals against Manchester City giving Europe a good reason to start talking about him!

Such distinctions make us more proud and prove that our side is deservingly considered as a member of world football’s elite, bearing all qualities to reach even higher ground!

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