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The Legend's MVPs! - Κεντρική Εικόνα

The Legend's MVPs!

Olympiacos, besides having really good displays in all three matches of the International Champions Cup with two wins and one defeat, also won other… personal distinctions.

More specifically, in the two matches that our club won – namely the matches against Milan and Manchester City – the players of the Legend won the MVP accolade!

In the first match against the Italian club Milan, the Olympiacos midfielder Alejandro Dominguez was named MVP. "Chori" had an exceptional display in the midfield and at the same time he was the one scoring the opening goal for our side.

Respectively, in the match against the Premier League Champions, another "red-and-white" was named MVP of the match. We are of course referring to the Greek striker Dimitris Diamantakos, who posed a permanent threat to the City's defense and scored twice in the match.

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