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Quotes by the coach and the players - Κεντρική Εικόνα

Quotes by the coach and the players


On Olympiacos ore than positive display throughout the tournament:

“We came here to become better, to learn and be competitive; we delivered really fine”.

On the promises inspired by the team ahead of this year’s campaign:

“All results have been the outcome of team work; that’s why we are taking it slowly, step by step. The side started its pre-season quite well and we are really happy. We had strong opponents to face and, despite all, we responded superbly”.

On whether he thinks that our side’s participation in this tournament was important for the overall image of the club:

“We like working… in silent mode, but always focused on the players. They do what we ask them to and hence we trust them”.

Dimitris Diamantakos

On the fact that, following the Milan fixture, he managed to score a double against Manchester City:

“I am thrilled, but I owe this to my teammates since they fed me superbly two times, I was exactly where I should be and scored. Besides, this is my job on the pitch and that makes me really happy”.

On whether he thinks that the work done daily makes the squad even more compact and helps him score goals:

“Certainly, we have worked on that stuff a lot, especially all this time of having matches against that strong clubs. It was obvious that we have practiced this drill during training and I really like that it delivered during the match”.

On whether his remarkable display against top clubs in the tournament help the club’s image and make it more famous in Europe:

“We faces great opponents. This is how we also prepare for Champions League, because there we will play against outfits of such caliber. I believe we have been very good and, especially in the last match, we showed that we are able to come up against any team”.

A message to the fans following this win over the Premiership champion on penalties:

“I believe that they will be happy with what we have shown in these matches and that we will give everything in the future”.


On his thoughts after the encouraging completion of Olympiacos presence in the tournament:

“I agree that we gave out a good impression and, above all, we fell ready to kick-off with official fixtures for the championship, which is the most important thing this year”.

On whether he thinks that this experience will be important also for the guys who joined the club this year:

“No doubt! It is very important that they have seen the way the team prepares to face Europe’s finest, because this is what will happen this year also in Champions League and they have to see we are up to the task”.

On whether he is ready for “endless” saves this year as well, as he did during the penalty shoot-out against the City:

“We will surely go for it. This is always our aim, to for the best possible outcome and I wish today’s performance will be a sign of what will follow in the future”.

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