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"Legendary" greatness that surpasses boundaries! - Κεντρική Εικόνα

"Legendary" greatness that surpasses boundaries!

Young Grigoris is a boy with special abilities and he is very fond of the Legend. Therefore, when it became know that our side will play its first match for the International Champions Cup against Milan in Toronto, the… appointment was set so that the dream of young Grigoris to meet the squad live could be fulfilled (you may see more on this story and the relevant video HERE)!

This meaningful gesture did not go unnoticed. The story of young Grigoris and his meeting with our Club was reproduced in the social media and it even made it to the popular Canadian CBC Network that featured the story.

More specifically, the story starts by referring to the interest Olympiacos showed for Grigoris and the fact that the Club invited the boy to attend their training session in Toronto. The story also mentions the life of Grigoris the last few years and how his love for football has helped him; there are also statements from his parents who make express reference to the love shown by our side who made this "gift" to their son.

You may watch the CBC News story here:


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