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Quotes of our coach and players - Κεντρική Εικόνα

Quotes of our coach and players


“This is a great opportunity for us. We face the best teams, we are called to deliver at top level and we are really happy with that. We are during pre-season, we do not want to finalise our starting XI, we just want to see where each players stands. Every one of them gets his own opportunity and what we want it to complete our pre-season training.

As I have said before, this is a splendid experience for us, we play against clubs of large budget, holders of european titles, but we learn quickly and we perform well”.


Leandro Salino

Was it a fair result?

“We strongly believe that was a quite unfair result for us because, although we concede a quick goal, we had 3-4 chances to level it at least. that’s why we are unhappy with the result, but we are happy with the way we performed”.

Are you satisfied with the progress made by the squad from the time you went to Austria to date?

“Yes, Olympiacos has made great progress during pre-season; he have faced tough opponents but we pulled it off quite fine. We have already beaten Milan, we displayed well against Liverpool and we believe that day in-day out our improvement will be even more evident. having said that, there is still one important match to play against Manchester United and we are certain that Olympiacos will perform even better”.

Is such a Champions League-level tournament going to help Olympiacos be absolutely ready for the side’s oficial fixtures?

“Certainly, this tournament is of great assistance to the players, since it gives us the opportunity to acquire experiences against sides we have never faced before and get ready on time not just for the Champions League, but also for the domestic championship”.


Gevorg Ghazaryan

 “We had many chances, we played really well in second half. In the last minute we were denied a penalty twice, so we lost, something that is not good; yet, we still have a match to play”.


Balaza Megyeri

“I think we conceded a unexpected goal which awoke us and then we started playing better and better. in the end of the first half and during the second, we performed well, we had our chances and maybe a draw would have been the fairest of results. However, this is football; we had our share of goal-scoring chances, they exploited their half chance and won the match”.

Do you feel confident when guiding your defenders, since you have working with them all the time during practice?

“Our setup is getting better and better and today this was evident. both the defenders and the whole side defended well, and I hardly ever had to clear the ball! unfortunately, what we lacked was a goal, because i believe we performed really well”.

A message to the fans supporting Olympiacos in all four corners of the planet:

“It was a great feeling, we can feel their love. We had many supporters in the stands and they did a fine job, building a unique atmosphere amid 40,000 fans; that was good for both sides. We liked that and it helped us enjoy the match”.


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