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Δηλώσεις Μίτσελ και ποδοσφαιριστών - Κεντρική Εικόνα

Michel and players’ quotes


A comment on the match against Liverpool?
It will be a good test for us, a great experience that will help our pre-season training. The guys are really making an effort here. We have had lots of training and travelling, the difference in temperature is big even between cities, but we have to overcome all these things.

Olympiacos has just registered a great win and, certainly, you would like your players to live that behind and move on.
We said that right after the match against Milan; it’s all part of our pre-season. Regardless if we win or lose, we have to move on and always try to become better.

We watched Masuaku’s debut against Milan. Are we also going to see Fortounis being capped against Liverpool?
We are thinking about that. It’s quite early for him in pre-season, but we are reflecting on giving him some minutes on the pitch, since we need him.

A comment for the crowd? Greek expatriates do stand by the team, don’t they?
From the moment we left Piraeus, we find Greeks wherever we go. This makes us really proud and obliges us to fill them with pride in every match of ours we perform wearing this shirt.

Beyond the Liverpool fixture, there is also an important UNICEF-related event. Would you like to tell us a few words?
For us, our partnership with UNICEF is really valuable. We have some responsibilities of our own, however, from the day we put the UNICEF logo on this shirt, these responsibilities have increased.


Your next side to face is Liverpool. A comment for this coming match?
Playing against Milan was a great piece of experience for us, so it will be against Liverpool. These are two historic and significant clubs. For us, it is a great opportunity to check where we stand and enjoy the matches.

Is it important for Olympiacos to participate in such a tournament?
We have the best clubs in the world here. Being here is an honor for us and the fans. They may watch our matches in many countries across the planet on TV and it represents a top opportunity to make Olympiacos even more famous and let more people know about the club!

The fans’ expectations keep on growing. Would you like to send a message to them about the new season?
It is important that we beat Milan, although we must not forget that it was just a pre-season match. Having said that, we always have to honor our shirts, colors, emblem and fans every time we set foot on the pitch.


Is it important for Olympiacos to take part in the ICC?
Of course it is important that we participate in such a prestigious tournament. It shows that Olympiacos is a club that matters firstly in Europe and then all over the world.

The match against Milan was a positive one. Can you keep on like that against Liverpool?
It is in our hands. Against Milan, we were composed and displayed great progress. We are bonded together although the players have barely spent a month together. We do know that Liverpool is an important opponent coming from England. However, I think we will perform well and do everything possible to win.

Personally speaking, how is your adjustment with the team going on?
I am becoming more and more attached to the squad, my teammates and the coaching staff. I feel great, the atmosphere is fantastic and, from my part, I want to do all I can to help Olympiacos.

Would you like to say a couple of worlds for the Greek expatriates?
No matter where we went, people has offered us lots of love. There are fans everywhere, who love this team dearly and we can sense that! We also want to give the people as much joy as possible!


What are your first impressions with the teams?
Very positive! I joined Olympiacos bearing great demands and expectations, since I knew that the standards would be really high. Until now, I am absolutely satisfied! We have great coach, a fine roster and everything works perfectly.

Following the important result you earned against Milan, do you think that the side may continue like that against Liverpool as well?
We did a good match. We managed to keep our performance at a high level and now, against Liverpool, we want to keep it like that and prove that our win over Milan was not accidental at all.

A comment for the fans of Olympiacos? Did you expect to meet fans overseas?
Of course! I’ve heard and still hear the best for Olympiacos fans. It is important for a club to have a really supporting fan base because that’s morale-booster. 


Watch HERE the video with Michel's statements.

Watch HERE the video with the players' statements.

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