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The selfie of …the century! - Κεντρική Εικόνα

The selfie of …the century!

Ingenuity is a…Greeks’ privilege. Especially when topped by endless “madness”, then it may mean only one thing: that it’s an Olympiacos fan we are talking about! A loyal supporter, who came to the BMO Field to watch the Olympiacos ICC-opening match against Milan, actually made…history!

Apparently, he was too eager…to be stopped; he desperately needed a good selfie! But whom was he going to have it? And he really wanted that to be a unique one! So, he made up his mind. During the second half was on, he jumped in BMO Field’s pitch!

He run towards our captain Giannis Maniatis, shouting his name! “Giannis! Giannis!” The Olympiacos captain was stunned. As the security officials approached the spot, the young guy reached our captain. While holding his mobile phone, he asked for… a selfie! And with no waste of time, he took it!

Maniatis burst into laughter, as did everyone at the stadium, who started clapping for the guy’s ingenuity! The security guys finally reached them and took the guy out, calmly and without anything else, since the Olympiacos fan kept thanking our captain for this great joy the latter gave him!

Only an Olympiacos fan could have come up with such a trick in order to make history …in his own unique way! #our_fans_are_the_best

Below you can see the related video and photos:

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